Passionate about the green earth for sowing, the smile of the people of other times and the almost forgotten past of the small village of Cheleiros, we have been, in recent years, recovering the heritage of this region.

Thanks to the discovery of an almost extinct grape variety and our investment in its production, what was once at risk of falling into ruin and oblivion is now growing.

If, at first, only 200 Jampal strains survived in the Manz family’s small, one hectare vineyard, and if oenologists only dismissed this bet as a headache, today our project is the proven proof that those who don’t risk, don’t take it.

Being the only producers of Jampal in the world, and not looking for means to produce wines of unique quality and to put Cheleiros back on the map, we want to share with you our project, the charm of our land and welcome you with open bottles in order to provide you with unforgettable memories.

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MANZWINE The True Essence

If you don’t judge a wine by its bottle, you can’t appreciate a project without knowing its origins.

Even before our presence, this place lived from the fruit of the vine and the work of man, and so Manzwine’s True Essence focuses on demonstrating how to combine historical heritage with the modernity of the new technologies available for winemaking, adding to it our know-how, which you will be able to appreciate by tasting six different wines.

On this sensory journey, you will fully understand the uniqueness of the Jampal grape variety and the diversity of our wines.

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MANZWINE Grow & Learn

Of wines there are those who understand a lot and those who understand little.

As well as giving you an insight into the history of this ancient town and the history we write every day with our presence in Cheleiros, this experience is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the subtleties that precede the wine you will taste.

Ideal for the more curious, this is a personalised visit that allows the customer to choose the subject that most intrigues them in the great universe of wines.

Manzwine Experience Tapas

Gastronomic and wine experience


If good wines accompany good stories, good food accompany this experience.

Bringing together the unique history of Cheleiros with its regional heritage, we pair our wines with a careful selection of the best that Portugal has to offer.

Soak the crusty Mafra bread in the softest Manzwine olive oil and tune in to the uniqueness of our wines, letting yourself be carried away by the creamy and salty aromas of the cheeses and cold meats we offer you in this experience.

Sports and wine experience

Manzwine & Adventure

Designed for the free spirits that enjoy cycling, Manzwine has teamed up with Ericeira Bike to bring you an unforgettable adventure!
Come and cycle along the Lizandro River and enjoy the best that nature has to offer you.
From landscapes to flavours, this is a trip that promises to raise the bar of other wine tourism experiences.

Classic and wine experience

MANZWINE & On The Road

Travel back in time with Manzwine On the Road!
In partnership with Agora Sim, we bring you a unique wine tourism experience, where you can enjoy a private tour in a classic car through the rural routes that connect Ericeira to Cheleiros, ending with a lovely degustation of six premium wines.

Come and enjoy the charms of our region!

On The Way To The Winery

In partnership with Always on Trek, the new Manzwine Experience combines a 7 km walk through idyllic landscapes with a visit to our winery, ending with the tasting of 6 delicious wines and regional products.
A walk through Cheleiros that will make you remember us with a big smile!

MANZWINE Business Program

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