Privacy Policy:

MANZ is focused on protecting the privacy of every Client or user of their services and website, creating their own privacy policy that envisions safeguarding the safety of every individual who decides to share their personal data to benefit from our services or from our partners.

Having that commitment in mind, MANZ decided to create safety procedures for the protection of personal information (“Privacy Policy”), underneath more specified, which the terms we invite you to read in a detailed manner as a way to be fully aware of our policy in agreement with the regulations disposed by Regulamento Geral sobre a Proteção de Dados (RGPD) (UE) 2016/679 do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho (Cfr.

We inform that is extremely important to read attentively and give you express consent as a way for MANZ to keep managing your personal data, being authorized to send notifications or share promotional information following the parameters here defined.

A. Personal Data:

The personal data correspond to any information relative to an individual, from any nature independently of the sort of identification elements or support, namely by reference of an identifier, for instance a name, a identification number, location data, electronic tags or by one or more specific physical elements, psychological, genetical, mental, economic, cultural or social of an individual.

Having in consideration the services offered by MANZ and the usage of the present website, the purpose for the data gathering might be compiled the following personal information: (a) name, (b) address, (c) birth date, (d) marital status, (e) filiation, (f) contacts (phone number and e-mail), (g) tax number, (h) identity document, (i) single or collective individuals, (j) country, (k) or any other necessary and relevant information that envisions the subscription in forms, training, promotion of events or activities, and sharing with partners with the goal of promoting information about products or services.

B. Responsible for the Treatment of Personal Data:

MANZ group (designated afterwards by “MANZ”) gathers the following group of entities that are, respectively, responsible for the treatment of data that they may gather for their respective activies:
ANDRÉ MANZ PRODUÇÕES CULTURAIS E DESPORTIVAS, UNIPESSOAL, LDA, NIPC 504342061, with headquarters at Rua Rui Teles Palhinha, n.º 3 – 2º Esq., 2744-015 Porto Salvo, Portugal.
MANZ CONSULTORES, LDA., NIPC 505 862 484, with headquarters at Rua Rui Teles Palhinha, n.º 3 – 2º Esq., 2744-015 Porto Salvo, Portugal.
MANZWINE, LDA., NIPC 508294266, with headquarters at Avenida D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, n.º 28, CC Loja 6, Santiago do Cacém, 7540-120 Santiago do Cacém.
The management of MANZ group is secured by MANZ CONSULTORES; LDA.
For any information or doubt related to our privacy policy, or any other motive that you consider relevant regarding the Regime da Proteção de Dados, MANZ group is available with the following email address, that will serve as the contact with MANZ group:

C. Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data

The gathering and treatment of personal data by MANZ, by the website or any other means, aims at, according to the entity of MANZ group regarding the cause and service request by the user, at:
André Manz Produções Culturais e Desportivas, Unipessoal, Lda: Participating in punctual and continuous formation of the Les Mills trainers; Participating in punctual and continuous formation in postgraduate and intensive training courses; Participation in punctual and continuous formation in conventions; Sending communications about products, services and events; Sending communications about books self-edited; Sending news letters with notifications about new products, dates for applications, promotions; Invoicing; Sharing data with partnered gyms and clients to validate applications – Les Mills; Sharing data with Universidade Lusófona for the emission of Post-Graduate diplomas.
Manz Consultores, Lda: Participating physical exercise in Clube de Evercício e Saúde; Participating in events, such as Iberanime and EuroGamer, in activities and competitions of AMV, Cosplay, Drawing, Artist Stands during events; invoicing, Sharing future events.
Manzwine, Lda: Invoicing, sharing products, namely wine; Allocating promotions regard Manzwine Premium Club after the registration in the site.
In the scope of activies developed by MANZ group, the gathering may have with specific finality: (i) subscription in training events, events or promotions, (iii) recruiting and selection of candidates, (iv) bank details, (v) shipping, after the request from the interested party, service offer and/or any other information regarding products and/or services.

The dada is gathered with the purpose referred above, every holder should verify with accuracy and updated in a manner that MANZ can adopt adequate measures for its treatment with accuracy. We inform the filling of the forms correspondent to each finality and/or the sending of any request with personal data will translate to previous consent and express to the treatment of personal data transmitted by the older to on or more objectives above described.

In the case of the individual previously expresses consent for the treatment of their personal data (consent that may be revoked at any given moment – right to the deletion of data – in the following terms defined), MANZ is authorized to treat personal data gathered by the time necessary to the prosecution of its goals.

In agreement with the legal legislation in effect and the group policy, MANZ clarifies that it doesn’t solicit, nor encourages, in any way, the remission and mailing of personal data related to philosophical or political convictions, party or syndicate affiliation, religious beliefs, private life and racial origin or ethnic, as well as the treatment of data related to the health and sexual life, including genetic data. In conformity, MANZ reserves the right to not accept gathering or receiving information that causes at issue the fundamental rights or illegal issues, being excluded any responsibility in the respective treatment.
Having in consideration the purpose of the treatment of the gathered data, MANZ reserves the right to cancel or nullify any request if not all necessary data is gathered, excluding any responsibility.

D. Personal Data Retention

The period where the personal data is gathered and retained varies in conformity with the chosen purpose by the interested.

In conformity, we inform that the personal data gathered, required to any process by MANZ may be kept during the necessary period to fulfil its finality, and can be kept in reserve for future processes or conserved for the continuation of sending promotions, promotion of events, services or products from MANZ or one of its partners, without harming the holder’s right to solicit for the deletion of their data (right to oblivion), at any given moment, as indicated in the following point.

The personal data whose finality may respect the sending of information or offers with services related to new products and/or services will be saved for a period of 1 (one) year after the last contact with the holder of personal data, with no loss from the deadlines being extended every time the condition is justified, namely the safekeep of the rights, as well as, from MANZ.

E. Right to access / Right to rectify / Right to deletion / Right to limit the treatment and right to the portability and Personal Data

Inform that every interested that has been subject to the data harvest by MANZ, at any given moment, has the right to access their personal data, as well as the respective rectification, elimination, portability, limitation and/or opposition to the treatment, having for that effect, exercise its right by writing to MANZ its request, identifying itself by complete name and identifiable elements to allow its adequate identification, to the headquarters or to the following electronic address:

Additionally, the interested can always present complains if necessary, with the appropriate authority for that effect.

F. Security in the Treatment of Personal Data

The personal data will be processed and stored electronically and in paper.

In the scope of security policy, MANZ takes responsibility to garanty the safety and protection of the gathered or available personal data, having adopted adequate necessary measurements for the effect, namely providing regarding the access: (i) creation of protection passwords ;(ii) usage of digital certification ;(iii) restrictions to the physical entrance to the place where the server for data storage are located; (iv) firewalls; (v) secured communications via protocol https or other means that should be judged necessary for the protection of data of its Clients or users, being safety measures revised and updated if necessary and demanded to the data.

If, for some reason, it verifies a breach in safety that causes, in an accidental or illegal manner, the destruction, loss, alteration, sharing or the non-authorized access to personal data, MANZ commits, in the terms of the applicable law, to communicate with the responsible authorities, without justified delay and, if possible, until 72 hours after acknowledging the occurrence.
Without damage disposed in the previous paragraphs, the user should adopt addional safety measures it considers necessary and eligible, namely having an active firewall, updated antivirus and anti-spyware, thus making a careful usage while having access to third party entities’ platforms, verifying and confirming the existence of digital certification and the trustworthiness of the address, being excluded of any responsibility form MANZ by fact that it is not imputable or the non-respect of the cautious rules specified or enforceable.

G. Communication of Personal Data to Third Parties

In the scope of its activity, MANZ can appeal to third parties for the provision of certain services (located in and outside of the European Union) or to partners, which may entail, in some situations, the access, by certain entities, to personal data of users.

If that occurs, the holder consents with the sharing, being MANZ the one to compromise practices the necessary and adequate actions, as a way to guarantee that the entities that have access to the personal data, are reputable and offer high guarantees, which will be properly consecrated and cautious in contract, written, between MANZ and the third party(ies) or partner(s).

Every entity that MANZ shares data with, will be entrust to treat the personal data of the users, in its name and by its own account in the agreement to adopt technical and organizational measurement as a way to protect the personal data against its destruction, accidentally or illicit, the accidental loss, alteration, diffusion or the non-authorized access and against any form of illicit treatment, being responsible for the adequate usage and in legal terms.

Without prejudice disposed in the previous paragraph, MANZ becomes responsible for the treatment of personal data in the legal terms a in the respective usage limitation.

Always if necessary, and in the scope of hiring third parties by MANZ, the personal data might by transfer to the outside of the European Union, in the terms and conditions allowed by the applicable law.

H. Right to Oblivion

The holder of the personal data has the right to obtain, from the responsible for its treatment, the deletion of its personal data, that, in turn, has the obligation to eliminate them, every time it is applicable one of the following motives: (i) the data are not longer necessary for the finality they were gathered or treated; (ii) the holder withdraws the consent, when the consent is the legal base; (iii) the holder opposes to the treatment and there are not prevalent legit interest that justifies its maintenance or (iv) the personal data have to be deleted in agreement with a juridical obligation.

I. Access to third party websites

The privacy policy is not applicable to websites or means to support third parties that the user may have to access in the MANZ platform. In this case, every time you visit other website from this, you should always read the applicable privacy policy and verify if you agree with its terms before providing personal data.

MANZ is not responsible for the privacy policy or personal data treatment that is applicable in the websites from third parties, nor by the contents available in the same websites.

J. Changes to the Privacy Policy

MANZ reserves the right to, at any given moment, proceed with readjustments or changes to the present privacy policy, such alterations will rightfully be published in the present website and will apply to every user up to date.

K. User Policy

The website from MANZ or MANZ services/products are essentially targeted at users that have at least 16 (sixteen) years old, being excluded any responsibility from MANZ in the case of usage by minors or without authorization from their legal guardians in legal terms.

The version published in the website is the one currently in force.



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